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Your initial consultation is just $149.00 and our medical guarantee to every patient is that you will see results during your first visit to our clinic or it’s FREE! During your appointment with one of our State Licensed Physicians you will receive a medical evaluation and Doppler (ultrasound test), Testosterone/PSA testing and a test dosage of medication prescribed specifically for you.  Also included in your initial consultation fee is one full year of office visits and medical follow-up with our staff. Based on the results of the test dosage, one of our physicians will determine a prescription specifically developed for you and designed to give you erections on demand that will last for 45 minutes to over 2 hours. It’s your choice. Men’s Clinics of America is proud to offer a full-service men’s weight loss clinic in our Houston TX office.

Our Weight Loss Clinic specializes in Weight Loss & Male Diabetes

Your cost is only $149.00 and we GUARANTEE that after you have been given your test dose of medication (using only F.D.A. approved ingredients) you will see substantial results or you will NOT be charged anything!

Male diabetes services in Houston, Texas.


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