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At Men’s Clinics of America Chicago your office visit is only $95 and we guarantee results! We want our patients to understand the medications, their benefits and see results during their first visit.

During your appointment you will see a physician or a fully trained licensed physician’s assistant and receive a medical evaluation.

Depending on the treatment you are seeking you may receive a Doppler/ultrasound test, a test dose of medication that is prescribed specifically for you. If appropriate you will also have your testosterone and PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels checked. This only requires a simple blood test and with our new technology we can analyze you blood in just minutes and have your results while you are in the office.

For ED or PE patients, based on your results of the test dose you will receive a customized prescription developed for you. These medications can be adjusted for time of erection, ( 30 minutes to 2 hours plus) sensitivity and for firmness. Patients often come in for adjustments and there is never a charge. We are committed to customizing a specific dose that works exactly how you the patient wants it to work.

For patients with less severe ED or looking for better performance we have a variety of sublingual tabs that can be prescribed for you. Please see the sublingual section of the website for specific information regarding this medication.

Patients seeking to optimize their Testosterone will have a simple blood test done for testosterone and PSA levels, get their results while in the office and see if replacement therapy is appropriate for them.

For all patients we are committed to listening to your needs and improving your health and performance, while providing service that you can count on.

 Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Oakbrook Terrace, IL
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Men's Clinics of America Oakbrook Terrace, IL

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