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Sublingual Tabs

sublig tabs1 199x300 Sublingual Tabs

Sublingual Tabs are small square tabs that go under the tongue to dissolve and work in 10 to 15 minutes. Since the medication doesn’t have to pass through the stomach and goes directly into the blood steam, they work very fast.

This method also remain much stronger than pill form (viagra, lavetra ect) since they aren’t degraded by the digestive system. Because they go into the blood stream and pass the digestive system they do not mix with food or alcohol which makes the sublingual tabs more consistent.

Side effects from most ED treatments usually originate from interaction with the stomach; the Sublingual Tabs remove the need to involve the stomach and some of the side effects caused buy it. Often patients will tell us they have little or no side effects from the sublinguals.

While this is one successful treatment for many ED sufferers, a visit to our clinics will ensure that the doctors can meet with and suggest the most appropriate ED treatment for your specific need.

*all patients are different. Please discuss with our Physicians for appropriate medications and side effects.